A little about myself...

I am a photographer of blissful things, a writer/reader/lover of words, a parent to a precocious toddler, a mental health advocate, a volunteer, a coffee lover, and more- with a million other odd nuances in between. 

Photography is and always will be my art and soul. I love every moment of capturing that which makes you, your family, and the people or things you care about unique. The love shared at a wedding, the laughter and silliness of children, the joy of years spent together in stolen, quiet smiles- these are the moments, among others, that I aim to photograph in a way you'll cherish forever.


I also have a penchant for photographing a happy little assortment of inanimate objects, otherwise known as stock photography. 

Thank you to the clients who stick with me year after amazing year, referring your friends and family to be photographed as well. 8+ years experience and still learning something new, every single day!

And if you're reading this, I can't wait to work with YOU!  

Candace M. Bliss 


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